Add a Payment Method [Legacy App]

In order to purchase postage you will need to add funds to your SmartShyp Balance. But first you will need to add either a credit card or a bank account to use as a payment method. 


1. From the Dashboard: Go to Payment Methods found in the account dropdown menu in the top-right corner of SmartShyp.

2. Add New Payment Method: Use the blue button labeled Add New to add a payment method.

3. Choose Credit Card or Bank Account: Start by selecting what type of payment method you will be using.

4. Complete Payment Method Details: Fill out all the required fields for your payment method and click Save. 

Now that you have a payment method you will be able to add funds to your balance.


5. Manage Payment Methods: Click on a payment method to set it as your default, you can also use the red button to delete.

Note: You will need to refresh the Payment Methods page after filling out credit card or bank account information.