Create Manual Orders / Shipments

Learn how to Manually create an Order / Shipment

In some cases, you might need to manually create a new order or shipment. SmartShyp makes it easy to create a custom label and purchase postage for any situation.


1. From the Dashboard Go to the Orders Page using the "Left-Side Navigation Menu or by clicking "Create Your First Order Now".



2. Create a Manual Order by clicking "New".



3. The Screen will Expand where you can enter the shipment details that are required before getting a shipping rate. The order will stay in a "Not Ready" status until shipment details are entered. Once Shipment details are entered, the shipment status will have a green checkmark and say "Ready"



4. Before you add "Shipment Details, If you would like to add "Order Items" so they show up on your "Pick List" and "Packing Slip", scroll to the bottom of the shipment details and click  "Add New Order Item".


5. Select the "Order Item" you would like to add, change the "Quantity Sold" and adjust the "Sales Price" if needed, and click "Save".



6. You will now see the order items listed, if you are ready to create the "Shipping Label" fill out the required "Shipment Details".



See Other Guides to learn how to "Manage Products" where you can learn how to manage and add products, or manage products imported from integrated stores.