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Bulk Edit Multiple Orders [Legacy App]

Want to know how to really speed up your shipping process? The answer is simple - Bulk Editing. SmartShyp allows you to edit shipment details on any range of selected orders. Say you've got 200 orders that are all being shipped in the same type of container. Simply select them all, put in the dimensions of the package, and apply them all at once.


Bulk Edit Multiple Orders:

1. From the Dashboard: Go to the Orders Page using the Left-Side Navigation Menu. You will want to familiarize yourself with the various Filter and View Settings. This will help you get things organized so you can easily select orders for Bulk Editing.

2. Selecting Multiple Orders: Once you’ve got everything organized, select orders using the following techniques:

  • Clicking a single order will select that order and deselect any previously selected orders.
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Click will select multiple orders individually. This will also deselect a single order if you have multiple orders selected.
  • Shift+Click will select a set of orders. With one order selected use Shift+Click several rows down to select all orders in between.
  • Select All boxes can be found to the left of column headers and group titles.

3. Editing shipment information: Any time orders are selected a shipment information pane will expand from the right side of the window. Enter the details you want to apply to all of the selected orders and save them using the button in the top-right corner of that pane. Be sure to read the Bulk-Editing Tips by mousing over the text in Blue.

4. Process Labels: Once all the shipment information is filled out your orders will be ready to process. A total rate will be shown for all orders you have selected. You can still work in SmartShyp while Labels continue to process in the background.