Create a Multi-Package Shipment

A multi-package shipment is a single shipment that contains multiple boxes. The shipment will consist of a master tracking number with child tracking numbers for any additional labels.

After the first shipment is created, additional shipments to the same recipient will need to be created manually if the multi-package icon is not present for the selected carrier. UPS, FedEx, and DHL Worldwide Express are included among the carriers that support multi-package shipments.

1: You will see the option to add another package to your shipment when a carrier supports this option. You can add up 15 shipments to a package using SmartShyp. 



2: Click "Add Package to Shipment" and enter the dimensions and weight for each package in the shipment. Once the required package details are entered you will see a rate and the shipment will be ready for label creation.



3: Once your shipment has successfully been created, click "Print Labels Now" to generate the PDF.  



4. Though multi-package labels will print the same as any other shipment, there will be more of them. The individual packages will have their own tracking numbers and labels, and a master tracking number will be provided to track all included packages. It will be the master tracking number that appears in the Tracking # column for the shipment. It's also the tracking number that will be sent to your customer and marketplace.



Note: The master tracking number is the tracking number that will be sent to your customer and marketplace. If you want to send the other tracking numbers to your customer, you will have to do so outside of SmartShyp.