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With SmartShyp, it has never been this easy to get in, print postage, and get on with your day. Follow this quick step-by-step guide to create your account and start shipping in minutes.

Account Creation:

  1. Sign Up Form: Simply go to and click on any Create Free Account button. Enter your Name, Company, Email address and Phone to get started.
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  2. Complete the Onboarding Checklist: 
    Account Setup
  3. Verify Email and Reset Password: You will receive an email which includes a link to verify your email address and a temporary password. This helps us to know you are human.
    Verify and Reset
  4. Complete your Profile: If you choose to skip ahead and start shipping you can always return to this Getting Started page in the left-side navigation bar.
    Getting Started
    That's It! You're ready to start shipping like a pro.