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Create International Shipments [Legacy App]

To create international shipments in SmartShyp simply start by preparing the order the same as you would any other Shipment. You will then need to fill out a Customs Declaration form to create the label. This tutorial will walk you through the steps to create international shipments.


1. From the Orders Page: Select an International Order to Edit International Shipping Details.

2. Fill out Shipment Information: Select an International Service and fill in all packaging information.

3. Customs Declaration: Click the Link next to HS Tariff # to access the U.S. ITC database and search for your product

4. Find the HS Tariff #: Use the Search Bar, the Left-Side panel of search results, and main description panel to locate the HS Tariff Number That describes your product. You will need to enter only the first 6 digits without decimals into SmartShyp. 

5. Complete Entry Information: You will need to provide the Weight and Tariff Numbers for each entry included in the Shipment.

6. Select Type and Origin: Select an option for Shipping Contents Type as well as a Country of Origin of Goods

7. Customs Form: That’s it! International Customs Declarations will be printed right on the Label.

Note: When selecting the Shipping Contents Type to leave the field labeled “specify” blank unless you are using Other as the Type.