Bulk edit a batch of orders

Learn the basics of bulk editing a batch of orders.

Want to know how to really speed up your shipping process? The answer is simple - Bulk Editing. SmartShyp allows you to edit "Shipment Details" on any range of selected orders. Say you've got 200 orders that are the same product and quantity and will use the same shipment details. Simply select them all, put in the dimensions of the package, and apply them all at once.


Batching Basics


1. Select two or more orders on the "Orders Page".



2. Your screen will expand on the right side to show shipment details where you can edit what needs to be changed.



3. Here you will be able to update any "Shipment Details" that need to be changed. Take note of a few things in the screenshot below.

The "address details" will be blank since multiple "shipments" are selected and each "shipment" might have a different "to address" or "from address". If none of this needs to be modified, move to shipment details.

There might be existing details for a specific order that already exists, only change fields that you want to be updated before clicking "Save".



4. Let's assume that you are wanting to update "Carrier Service", "Package Type", "L x H x W", and "Order Weight" for a batch of similar orders. Once you enter all your "Shipment Details" you can click the "Save" button and all orders will be updated and a rate should display for your batch.



5. If you are ready to create labels for your batch of orders. Go ahead and click "Create Label" to finalize.

You will receive an error message if all of your orders are not in "Ready" status. You can check specific orders with a "Not Ready" status to see which details need to be corrected.

See other "Batching" tutorials that are coming soon to learn some advanced tips and tricks to getting your orders ready faster.

See "Shipping Automations" tutorials that are coming soon to learn how to completely automate adding "Shipment Details" when your orders import.