How do I setup JanePay if I sell on

Learn how to set up your shipping meter in SmartShyp so shipments are covered upfront from your ledger instead of paying for your shipping upfront.

Did you know that will cover your shipping postage upfront?

Yeah, we think they’re pretty amazing too. 

Once you integrate your store you will have the option to select Jane to fund your meter so you can focus on filling those orders. If you’d rather pay yourself, go to the shipping meter found in the account menu to select that option. 

If you’ve already integrated your store, you’re well ahead of the game and if you need a little help feel free to contact us here at

Navigate to settings in your SmartShyp dashboard.

In account settings click "Shipping Meter".

If your account is connected, you will have an option to opt-in or out of JanePay. Click Jane covers shipping to enable Jane-pay for your orders.

Note: You can only have shipments that are original orders come out of your ledger. If you need to recreate a label or manually ship a order, you will need to pay for the postage using your SmartShyp meter.