Importing Orders from a CSV File

SmartShyp makes it easy to import orders from non-integrated stores. All you need to do is export a CSV file from your store and Import your Orders into SmartShyp.

1: From the Dashboard: Click on "Orders" on the left-side navigation menu to go to the "Order Management" page.


2. Click on the "Import" button in the top-left portion of the screen.


3. Click the "Choose File" button and select the file you wish to import.


4. Use the drop-down menus (default is set to Ignore) to map each column to the correct field that will be used when the order is created.


5. To save a template for future imports enter a "Profile Name" into the text field in the top-left corner. After naming your template click the "Import"  to complete the process and load your orders.

Tip: If you need to restart your "Field Mapping" you can click the "Reset Columns" button to clear anything previously selected. You can also select a saved "Mapping Profile" at any time.