Integrate SmartShyp with Jane [Legacy App]

Follow these step-by-step instructions for Integrating your Jane Store. Integrating with Jane will allow SmartShyp to automatically import all order and product information for easy processing. Status and Tracking information will then automatically transfer back to Jane.

1. From the DashboardStart by clicking the button in the My Stores section to Manage Stores.

2. Select Jane: Click the Jane Integration Tile to begin the integration process.

3. Request Permission: Click the blue button to request permission from Jane to integrate with SmartShyp.

4. Log in to Jane: Use your credentials to log in to your Jane Store.

5. Allow SmartShyp: Click the button labelled Allow to complete the integration with SmartShyp.

6Good Job! You will see a success dialogue confirming that SmartShyp is now integrated with Shopify.

Note: By default, Jane covers shipping costs up front. To use your own payment method go to Account > Shipping Meter.