Shopify Integration

Integrating with Shopify will allow SmartShyp to automatically import all order and product information for easy processing. order status and tracking information will then automatically be sent back to your Shopify store portal.


Click "Connect Your First Store Now! " to navigate to the stores page which is located under e-Commerce in account settings.



Click "Connect A New Store" to pull up a list of your integrations, or select the Shopify icon under featured channels.



Click the Shopify logo on the stores channel list.


Click "Install SmartShyp from the Shopify App Store"  to be directed to Shopify store login.



If you are logged in successfully you will be re-directed to the Shopify App Store. Click "Add App" and begin adding SmartShyp to your Shopify store. If you are not logged in see next step.



If you are not logged into your Shopify store, you will be asked to provide your Shopify URL.

Note: You can use your website URL or URL, both will work. Click "Login" to add SmartShyp.



Click "add app" to confirm that you want to connect SmartShyp to your Shopify store and click "Continue to Dashboard" to complete the installation.



You will now see your Shopify store on your SmartShyp dashboard and in account settings under e-commerce and stores.




Tip: If you connected your store and you have orders that did not import, you can reset the import date and manually refresh the import to bring in any missing orders. See Manually Refresh Store Import article for more.