Integrate SmartShyp with Amazon [Legacy App]

Follow these step-by-step instructions for Integrating your Amazon Webstore. Integrating with Amazon will allow SmartShyp to automatically import all order and product information for easy processing. Status and Tracking information will then automatically transfer back to Amazon.


1. From the DashboardStart by clicking the button in the My Stores section to Manage Stores.

2. Select Amazon: Click the Amazon Integration Tile to begin the integration process.

3. View Instructions: Click the button labeled How to retrieve the “Seller ID” and “MWS Auth Token” .

4. Register Amazon MWS: Follow the link in the first step of the instructions and log in to Amazon. 

5. Authorize SmartShyp: Click the Yellow button near the bottom of the page labelled Authorize a Developer.

6. Enter SmartShyp Information: Copy the Developer’s Name and Account Number from the Instructions in SmartShyp (Step 3).

7. Copy Information: After accepting Amazon’s terms, copy the Seller ID and MWS Auth Token back into SmartShyp.

8. Link Your Amazon Store: After entering the required information, click Link to Integrate Amazon with SmartShyp.

9. Good Job!: You will see a success dialogue confirming that SmartShyp is now integrated with your Amazon Webstore.