Integrate SmartShyp with OpenCart 1.5x [Legacy App]

Follow these step-by-step instructions for Integrating with OpenCart. Integrating with OpenCart will allow SmartShyp to automatically import all order and product information for easy processing. Status and Tracking information will then automatically transfer back to OpenCart.


1. From the Dashboard: Start by clicking the button in the My Stores section to Manage Stores.

2. Select OpenCart: Click on the OpenCart Tile to begin the integration process.

3. See Instructions: Click the blue button to get instructions for integrating with OpenCart.

4. Download/Extract/Transfer: Click the link to download a .zip file. Extract that .zip file and transfer the contents to your OpenCart Server’s Webroot Folder. Follow this Link for detailed instructions about uploading files to OpenCart with an FTP. 

5. Manage Modules: After uploading the SmartShyp Module, go to Extensions > Modules in your OpenCart admin area.

6. Install Module: Find SmartShyp on the list of modules and click Install.

7. Edit Module: After clicking install for SmartShyp, click on Edit.

8. Get Key / Copy Key: Click on Generate Key, Click OK, Copy the Key from the box and click save.

9. Link OpenCart: Copy your OpenCart URL and the Key you just generated into SmartShyp (Step 3 Image) and click Link. 

Good Job! You will see a success dialogue confirming that SmartShyp is now integrated with OpenCart.