Manage All Your Stores [Legacy App]

We put together these Page Guides to help you get the most out of SmartShyp. In this page guide, we'll take a look at everything you can do on the Manage Stores page.


From the Dashboard: Click Manage Stores, or you can go to My Stores > Manage Stores using the Left-Side Navigation Menu.

Actions for Manage Stores: Use the following image as a reference for each of the descriptions below.

1. Current Integrations: View all Integrations. Activate or Deactivate individual integrations using the green / orange switch.

2. Reset Credentials: Click the Key Icon to resubmit / update your Username and Password for an integrated store

3. Delete Integration: The Trash Icon will remove an integration entirely. 

4. Update Orders: Clicking the Refresh Icon next to Orders will force SmartShyp to import order information.

5. Update Products: Clicking the Refresh Icon next to Products will force SmartShyp to import product information. 

6. Add New Integrations: Clicking any Integration Tile will begin the integration process for that store. 

Note: Order Import History is shown on the right side of the page. This can be used for testing / troubleshooting integrations.