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Manage Batch Shipments [Legacy App]

Batch Management allows you to specifically organize orders and customize your order preparation process. Learn how to create and manage custom batches in this quick 6 step tutorial.


1. From the Dashboard: Go to the Orders Page using the Left-Side Navigation Menu.

2. Select Orders: Select the orders you want to batch and click the button labeled Batch Mgmt.

3. Create a Batch: Enter a name (optional) and click the Create button to save a new batch containing the selected orders

4. Remove Orders from Batch: Use the Bottom-Right button labeled Remove to take selected orders out of their current batch. 

5. Add Orders to Batch: Use the Blue + Buttons to add selected orders to an existing batch.

6.  Delete a Batch: Use the Red – buttons to delete the corresponding batch.

Batch Queue: Manage your batches, print shipping documents, and finalize order preparations with the Batch Queue menu.