SmartShyp Package Protection Policies

SmartShyp Package Protection ensures peace of mind by covering lost, stolen, and damaged items that meet our guidelines. To understand the scenarios where Smartshyp will cover lost, stolen, or damaged items, review our policies below.

Lost Items

Claims must be filed for lost packages after 14 days for domestic orders and 21 days (and within 30 days from the last checkpoint) for international shipments.

  • If a package cannot be delivered due to an invalid address or other barriers, the carrier may opt to return the item to the sender. In this case, the package would not be classified as lost and therefore would not be covered by SmartShyp. The item is in possession of the sender, and SmartShyp will refer the customer to the retailer. 
    • NOTE: An exception to this is in regards to perishable items which cannot be reused. 
  • If a customer ordered several items and only received some of them, and there is no evidence of tampering, SmartShyp will not cover this issue and will refer the customer to the retailer. If the issue is that the retailer forgot to ship an item from the order, the customer will be told to contact the retailer directly to fulfill the missing items
    • SmartShyp will cover the issue if a customer made a single order that was shipped in multiple packages and one of the packages does not arrive.
  • If a package is labeled “return to sender”, SmartShyp does not cover it because it means that a customer has provided an invalid/undeliverable address, or they have refused delivery
    • We may cover the issue if it is a perishable item or if the retailer is unable to reuse it. These cases will be approved at SmartShyp’s discretion.
  • If an order is stuck in customs, SmartShyp cannot offer any coverage. The next step would be for the customer to pay the customs fees to receive their package.
    • SmartShyp can approve payment of customs a second time if we have replaced an item the customer has already paid customs on
  • If an order’s status is unfulfilled or unshipped, it has yet to be fulfilled by the retailer. SmartShyp has no jurisdiction in this case, and SmartShyp Package Protection is not yet applicable because the order has yet to be shipped.
  • If a customer files a claim the same day their package status was changed to “delivered”, SmartShyp requires that a 5 business day waiting period passes before we will process the claim. Sometimes carriers will mark a passage as delivered while it is still in transit.

Stolen Items

If a package’s status is “delivered” but has not yet been received by the customer, SmartShyp considers the package stolen. Claims for stolen packages must be filed 5 days after the delivery date, but cannot be filed after 15 days to verify that there was not a misdelivery or misplacement of the package. 

  • If a package has not been received but is marked as “delivered”, SmartShyp requires a police report. This policy is subject to SmartShyp’s discretion.
    • The customer must file a police report including an explanation that their package is protected under SmartShyp Package Protection, and that the package has been stolen. They must also include that in order to process the claim with SmartShyp, SmartShyp is requiring the police report. 
    • The customer must then send the police report to SmartShyp along with the claim number
    • SmartShyp can require additional documentation upon request. 
      • NOTE: A false police report can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the jurisdiction
    • If a package is delivered to the wrong address, whether due to customer error when inputting the address at checkout, SmartShyp considers the package to be stolen and will replace the order on behalf of the customer.

    Damaged Items

    An item is considered broken if it is unusable (i.e. obviously fractured, bent, shattered, crushed, etc.). SmartShyp doesn’t cover cosmetic damages such as scratches or dents, damage caused by manufacturing, errors in packaging, or items that are unsealed. 

    Claims for damaged items must be filed within 15 days of delivery.

    We may offer a 15-30% refund if the cosmetic damage is severe. This is subject to SmartShyp’s discretion.

    SmartShyp requires photographic evidence of broken or damaged items. Photos of the item(s) and the packaging must be included. Additional evidence may be required. 

    • If an item is broken, and the customer needs to dispose of it, they need to check their city ordinances and properly dispose of it. Unless the retailer indicates otherwise, the customer does not need to ship the item back to the retailer.

    General Policy

    • On existing subscriptions where the customer has already purchased SmartShyp Package Protection, SmartShyp will reorder items in the subscription that can be purchased individually that were lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. If they cannot be purchased, we will refund them.
      • A new subscription cannot be ordered since SmartShyp would then be paying for the monthly subscription.
    • Concerning customized items, SmartShyp cannot reorder those items due to additional liability. A refund can be offered instead.
    • If an item is out of stock, SmartShyp can offer a refund to the customer, which can be used when the item is back in stock. SmartShyp does not have information as to when items will be back in stock.
    • If the customer has inputted the wrong address, SmartShyp does not cover the issue. The customer will need to get in contact with the retailer to remedy the situation.
    • SmartShyp does not cover orders that the customer is simply unsatisfied with. The request may be covered under the retailer’s return policy, and the customer will need to get in contact with them.
    • If a claim is filed outside of the set windows of SmartShyp’s timeline policy, the claim will be denied.
    • If a customer paid for expedited shipping and the package arrives later than expected, SmartShyp will not cover it. SmartShyp does not cover package delays for any reason.
    • It is the responsibility of the customer to pay any payment installment companies directly. If a customer receives a refund from SmartShyp, they must pay the installments to the company directly.
    • If no tracking information is available, SmartShyp will reach out to the retailer to see if any can be provided. SmartShyp reserves the right to deny these claims.
    • If a package’s status is “pre-shipment”, SmartShyp reserves the right to deny the claim.
    • SmartShyp cannot cover claims for orders shipped to non-sanctioned countries. Here is a list of countries sanctioned by the US. 
    • If SmartShyp does not hear from a customer within 5 days, we will close the claim. If a customer responds to the original thread, the claim will be reopened.
    • If the customer added SmartShyp Package Protection by accident or no longer wants it, SmartShyp can offer a refund if the order has not yet shipped. If the order has already been shipped, then the protection is already in place and no refund can be offered.
    • If ID verification is required at checkout, SmartShyp can offer the customer a refund instead of reordering to protect the identity of each party.